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Disability Subgroup of the Campbell Collaboration

A Disability Subgroup was established in 2008 within Campbell's Education Coordinating Group (ECG). The subgroup was established following a formal request from John Westbrook, Director of SEDL's National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research (NCDDR). Dr. Westbrook is a Co-chair of the subgroup; Ralf Schlosser of Northeastern University previously served as a Co-Chair.


The Disability Subgroup has established these objectives:

The Disability Subgroup may become a new coordinating group if there is sufficient growth in interest and production of systematic reviews within the disability topic area over the next several years.

Get involved

Individuals interested in conducting a systematic review in the disability area are urged to contact John Westbrook. Campbell has many helpful resources that are available to systematic review authors.

Training opportunities

The NCDDR offered online training in 2009-10: Conducting Systematic Reviews of Evidence-Based Disability and Rehabilitation Research, building on an online course offered in 2007-08, webcasts, and workshops. For additional information, please contact Joann Starks.

Disability Subgroup Systematic Reviews

More about the Disability Subgroup:

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