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New review completed and submitted to C2-ECG

The Disability Subgroup of the Education Coordinating Group (ECG) is happy to share the news of completion of the systematic review, The Use of Culturally Adapted Competency Interventions to Improve Rehabilitation Service Outcomes for Culturally Diverse Individuals with Disabilities. The review is with the ECG's Editorial staff.

Review team leader Rooshey Hasnain, EdD, and co-review leader Diane Kondratowicz, PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) explain that:

"The importance of crossing boundaries in the research arena like we did for this review helped to build a research agenda that impacts all disciplines. In fact, we were able to build a multi-national and international team of researchers to work on this effort.

More importantly, this systematic review opportunity allowed us to focus on a critically important research question with respect to cultural competency and to take stock of the current literature and evidence in the area of disability and rehabilitation outcomes with respect to the provision of consumer-level rehabilitation services and supports, which will impact our future research, service delivery, and policy development."

The review was the result of the researchers' participation in a training course, "Developing Evidence-Based Products Using the Systematic Review Process" offered in 2007-08 by the National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research (NCDDR) in cooperation with instructors from the C2's ECG, led by Dr. Chad Nye and Dr. Herb Turner. The UIC team was the only one to complete a review, which will be published in The Campbell Library upon final approval by the EGG Editor. The draft review has been added to the NCDDR's Registry of Systematic Reviews of Disability and Rehabilitation Research and is available for download here: hasnain_competency_interventions_review_2010.pdf.

Dr. Hasnain said: "Funded through the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), this on-line course provided us with a unique opportunity to form a collaborative partnership and interdisciplinary team, to receive training in the many facets of the systematic review process, and to develop and implement a team project that resulted in the production of this systematic review and meta-analysis. The support we received from the instructors was phenomenal, especially from Dr. Chad Nye, throughout every facet of the training, as well as development and implementation phases of the project that our team undertook."

Dr. Hasnain presented the systematic review at the Ninth Campbell Colloquium in Oslo, Norway as part of a Symposium: Systematic Reviews from the Disability Subgroup held on Tuesday, May 19, 2009. The Symposium was chaired by former ECG Co-Chair, Carole Torgerson. Other panelists included Ralf Schlosser, Northeastern University; John Westbrook, SEDL; and Stacy Pavelko, University of Central Florida.

APA Citation:

Hasnain, R.; Kondratowicz, D.M.; Portillo, N.; Borokhovski, E.; Balcazar, F.; Johnson, T.; Gould, R.; Bernard, R. M.; Hanz, K. (in press). The use of culturally adapted competency interventions to improve rehabilitation service outcomes for culturally diverse individuals with disabilities. Submitted to the Campbell Collaboration, Education Coordinating Group.

New disability protocols approved by Campbell's ECG

Two new protocols in the disability area have been approved and added to The Campbell Library, along with several others waiting for final approval.

New disability titles registered with the Campbell Collaboration's ECG

Several of these new title proposals are supported by NIDRR, through the NCDDR's 2009-10 online training course, Conducting Systematic Reviews of Evidence-Based Disability and Rehabilitation Research. NIDRR is also supporting a five-year Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project, SEDL's Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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