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Resources to Prepare for 2009 Online Course

Developing evidence-based products using the systematic review process (2007 course)

Examples of Systematic Reviews

Visit The Cochrane Library:

Visit The Campbell Library (Campbell Collaboration Library of Systematic Reviews) for examples of approved titles, protocols, and completed C2 reviews:

Parental Involvement and the Academic Performance of Elementary School Children (Nye, Turner, & Schwartz, 2006)

Title Registration form example

NCDDR Systematic Review Title Registration Form

FOCUS Technical Briefs

The Campbell Collaboration: Systematic Reviews and Implications for Evidence-Based Practice
FOCUS #16, written by Herb M. Turner III, PhD and Chad Nye, PhD, highlights the work of the Campbell Collaboration (C2) and the development of systematic reviews of research evidence.
2007 (January) / 6 pages

The Role of Systematic Reviews in Evidence-Based Practice, Research, and Development
FOCUS #15, written by Ralf W. Schlosser, PhD, is part one of a three part series on the topic of evidence-based technology. This issue provides an overview of systematic reviews in research and development. Systematic reviews aim to synthesize the results of multiple original studies by using strategies that delimit bias. Systematic reviews can be used to inform evidence-based practice, which is increasingly shaping the disability and rehabilitation research field. 2006 (December) / 4 pages

NCDDR's Library of Knowledge Translation Resources (KT Library)
Articles on Systematic Review

NCDDR's Registry of Systematic Reviews of Disability and Rehabilitation Research



Campbell Collaboration Resources

Producing a Systematic Review

Education reviews

Education Group Resources for Reviewers
Forms, guidelines and checklists to assist reviewers in producing titles, protocols, and systematic reviews for the C2 Education Coordinating Group.

Education Papers Presented at the 9th Annual Colloquium, May 18-20, 2009 (Oslo)

Steps in proposing, preparing, submitting, and editing of Campbell Collaboration Systematic Reviews

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