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Knowledge Translation (KT) Information Service


The NCDDR offers KT information services for current NIDRR grantees. This service is designed to respond to NIDRR grantees' need for general or specific information about knowledge translation, with a focus on expanding awareness and understanding of the principles and components of KT and the KT process.

KT involves the reporting, quality assessment, and adaptation of research and development knowledge into an understandable and contextually relevant form that reflects the NIDRR research and development priorities and that will be utilized by and benefit practitioners and consumers. For additional information, see What is Knowledge Translation? FOCUS Technical Brief Number 10 (NCDDR, 2005).

What type of KT information can be requested?

Knowledge Translation is a new construct for many researchers, and it is evolving within NIDRR's current Long-Range Plan (FY 2005-2009).

Following is a listing of topics related to the concept of KT. Each topic is linked to provide a brief description. This list is not exhaustive and other topic suggestions are welcomed. NIDRR grantees who want to know more about any of these (or other) topics can submit a question using the KT Information Request Form (inactive form).

How does the service work?

Upon receiving your question, the NCDDR will coordinate with our staff and consultants to provide you with a response. Most correspondence is conducted via e-mail, though some consultation is conducted by phone.

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