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Webcast 5
Knowledge Translation at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

December 6, 2006, 2:00 PM CST

About the Webcast

Knowledge translation (KT) is a broad concept developed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) that encompasses all steps between the creation of new knowledge and its application to yield beneficial outcomes for society (CIHR, 2005). The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) has identified KT as an important concept in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities, as evidence-based knowledge, technologies, and applications must be translated in order to inform disability and rehabilitation policy, and improve practice (NCDDR, 2005).

Our presenters, Ms. Liz Stirling and Ms. Jacqueline Tetroe, will discuss the current status of KT within the context of the history and focus of the CIHR Knowledge Translation Branch. Innovative strategies for knowledge translation are key to fostering changes in behavior, systems, and policy. Some examples include: working with health care givers to turn research into practice; making plain language overviews of research findings easily accessible; and providing incentives for the training of communicators with science backgrounds. The CIHR Act of June 7, 2000 created CIRH as the major federal agency responsible for funding health research in Canada, through 13 virtual institutes made up of networks of researchers brought together to focus on important health problems (CIHR, 2004).

About the Presenters

Ms. Liz Stirling works for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in the Knowledge Translation Branch. In her current position, Ms. Stirling is working on the implementation of the CIHR's five-year strategic plan in knowledge translation. She was a member of NIDRR's Knowledge Translation Planning Panel in June 2005. Trained as an occupational therapist, Ms. Stirling earned both a BSc and a Masters in Health Science (Health Administration) from the University of Toronto. She worked in spinal cord, stroke, and pediatric rehabilitation programs before completing her graduate degree and serving as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of a community hospital in downtown Toronto. Ms. Stirling has served as Legislative Assistant and Policy Advisor to the Ontario Minister of Health, and as Policy Advisor to the Ontario Chairman of Management Board. She worked for one of Canada's largest teaching and research hospitals in Ottawa before joining CIHR. In 2004 Ms. Stirling worked on a secondment basis for the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.

Ms. Jacqueline Tetroe joined the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Knowledge Translation Branch, as a senior policy analyst in September, 2006. Prior to that, she was the Research Program Manager in the Clinical Epidemiology Program of the Ottawa Health Research Institute, working closely with Jeremy Grimshaw and Ian Graham, on their shared research agenda. This had a strong KT focus: on the process of research use and on strategies to increase implementation of evidence-based practice as well as to increase the understanding of the barriers and facilitators that impact on successful implementation. Specific projects relate to the development, implementation, quality appraisal, and uptake of clinical practice guidelines; a study of the KT policies and practices of 33 international applied health funding agencies; a study of the KT practices of applied health researchers in Canada; an environmental scan of KT centers, experts, research and practice in Canada; a synthesis of planned action change theories and the development of a users' guide to these theories; a study examining the relative contribution of psychological theories to the understanding of practitioner behavior change and a process evaluation of a trial examining the effects of sending printed educational materials to general practitioners in Ontario. Her educational background is in cognitive psychology and education.

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This webcast is supported through the National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research (NCDDR), which is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) in the U.S. Department of Education, and is supported in part by ILRU. The opinions and views expressed are those of the presenters and no endorsement by the funding agency should be inferred.

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